Haiti–poker-faced amid post-election violence

Yesterday morning, very early—not yet 4 am—

Eyes opening—through a blur, I see Sara on the bed next to me—Blackberry in face—fingers flying.  This is not an uncommon sight, by any means.  Often by 3 in the morning, Sara is awake responding to email—and as soon at the day’s online edition of the New York Times is posted—almost always by 4:30, she’s reading that via Blackberry.

However, this morning I notice her brow furrowed with more intensity than I’m accustomed to.  So through the fog of not yet total consciousness, I ask—

“What are you doing?”

“Poker,” she grunts.

“Oh,“ I respond, rolling over to doze a moment more—since I myself have no serious gaming to attend to.

But I’m thinking:

Is it the challenge of poker she responds to? 

—any challenge—new challenge—big challenge—challenge I wouldn’t touch if my creative-driven life depended on it.

Sara does challenge recreationally.

Imagine what that’s like to live with!

Fortunately, however, it’s this drive to conquer the complicated and seemingly impossible that equips her to deal with the kind of challenge Haiti faces today.

Things aren’t good here this morning.

The announcement last night of preliminary results for the recent presidential election has resulted today in widespread chaos and rioting ,this in a country already in crisis, not only from last January’s earthquake, but more recently from a cholera epidemic that has killed thousands.

Even in our usually quiet Port-au-Prince suburb of Petion-ville, the streets are barricaded this morning with burning tires.  Hundreds of protesters riot past our house, as UN helicopters circle over-head and gun-shoots ring out across the city.

Last night stone throwing protesters broke Sara’s office windows.

Today American Airlines has cancelled all flights into and out of the country.

In a setting like this, I’m fortunate to be with a woman who loves a good challenge—

Especially since I sit cowering in a  some writerly corner—a blog my only defense against what seem overwhelming odds—odds not in Haiti’s favor, I’m afraid.

But—I have on my poker face.             

Sort of———

16 thoughts on “Haiti–poker-faced amid post-election violence

      • Hi,

        We are praying for you and Sara and the entire team in Haiti. Keep safe and keep writing. I love to read you post.
        Things here are going well, cold, cold weather here in the deep South. We are woried about the fruit on the trees, and ground that may be hurt from the freeze.

        Missing both of you…it was so wonderful being with both of you in October. Hope we can do something again without such a long spand of time in-between.

        Love to all,


      • I’m so pleased that you are reading! Don’t worry though, we are at home with 2 armed guards.

        And, yes, I hope we see you all sooner this time–maybe we’ll get to HQ sometime soon and can drop by your lovely town!

        Thanks for the prayers. We both send our love to everyone there!


  1. A very worrying situation. Stay safe!

    I was wondering whether you were an insomniac . . . have noticed you posting comments in what must be the very early hours in Haiti.

    I’m like Sara. If I can’t sleep at night I’m checking out news etc on my phone!


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