Triple “A”: Art, Apology, and Anniversary

A few updates on this travel day.  (Yes, hopefully I’ll be in Port-au-Prince by Saturday evening.)  Be sure to keep reading, as I’ll share some new art at the end.

First, I want to apologize for not reading anyone’s blog yesterday.   Leaving a house for several months and traveling internationally with a dog require a good bit of preparation.  Given this, I’ve been insanely busy over the last couple of days, so please forgive this lapse.  Actually, reading your posts is a favorite activity of mine, so I promise to get back to regular reading early next week.

Second–yesterday, it was a month since I was Freshly Pressed, so since I’ll be traveling today, I thought you might enjoy looking at that post.  I know it’s not been that long, but so many of you have only begun reading my blog in the last 2 or 3 weeks, a decent number may not have seen it yet.  If you haven’t read “A Tale of Miserable Failure: Moanings of a Second Language Learner”–about my struggle to learn French–click here.

In the event that you have read that piece, I’ll also include here a few pieces of art, you might enjoy.  These include a number of color pencil drawings I did a decade or so ago:

I will try to upload more art before I leave the US and make it available between now and my arrival in Port-au-Prince.  No guarantees, but I will try!

21 thoughts on “Triple “A”: Art, Apology, and Anniversary

  1. Kathy, I loved “A Tale of Miserable Failure..”. Very funny indeed.
    So glad to hear you are off to Haiti. I love your art. It’s beautiful!
    I thought I’d take Saturday mornings to get caught up on reading blog posts while I take time away to get other projects completed.
    Have a great trip!


  2. Love the drawings, Kathy…I’m really into “detailed” pieces (can’t stand oil paintings because they’re too “blobby”). The colours are brilliant!

    Have a safe trip back…will look forward to your visits next week!



    • Great, Wendy. Glad you like the detail. I’m kind of a detail freak when I draw. I sometimes think color pencil can offer the best of both worlds–bold color and the ability to control detail. Or maybe I could control detail well with paint, but just don’t know how.

      By the way—I’m here, finally!


  3. Love the inclusion of the artwork…now if you only had a bandwidth at your second home that permitted you to do more…oh well we’ll take what we can get. 🙂 Have a safe trip!


    • You’re so sweet, Deanna! Sometimes it’s weird to love both so much, because often it’s like I can do either/or rather than both/and. It’s usualy one or the other. Like a switch gets flipped in my brain. Strange–but thanks–I’m so glad you like the art too!


  4. Kathryn – I could cry with relief- I’ve been working on 10 Japanese adjectives for a week as my 12 year old drill sergeant demands I take a test on my “lame” hiragana – that she will administer. In a former life I was fluent in Spanish. Is my brain completely calcified? Andretti-San and Offspring break in to peals of laughter when a new word is introduced and I must pronounce- and he repeats 10 times. Thanks for that post!!! I feel so much better.


    • Bless you in your efforts, but sorry to say I’m glad to not be alone in this struggle. I have never felt so stupid! But Asian languages are the hardest, so you are a brave soul to try tackling Japanese. I was hopless when we lived in Vietnam! Chin up, my friend!


  5. The drawings are wonderful. I especially like the last one. There is just something about it that keeps drawing me in.

    Safe travels to you! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.


  6. I find it a challenge to keep up with writing and reading other blogs during the course of a normal day. It must be near impossible to do so while preparing for a major trip!

    Your drawings are beautiful. Even though the colors are bold, they have a warm feel to them.


    • Thanks so much! It is challenging to write and travel at the same time, especially since I’m like you. Writing and reading other blogs can take up most of a normal day for me. I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the art!


  7. Lovely…so happy we found each other.

    I really am drawn to the second piece of artwork.
    trying not to be jealous of your talent,


    • I’m happy too! This is just a suggestion–but have you ever tried to sort of “free draw” like one would “free write?” I have a feeling you might do well. It’s sort of like letting your hand go and do what it wants–see where it leads you–not unlike doodling. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to do it–it’s more about being. You might also find that it feeds your writing life.


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