Reader Beware: I Opened my Eyes on the Sealy’s Wrong Side

I hate cliché as much as the next writerly type.  However, this morning I’m forced to slack up of that front and admit that I woke up on the wrong side of the proverbial bed—the grumpy side of my usually perfect Serta.

I’m a morning person, for the most part.  I tend to wake up perky—a double-fisted drinker.  Hot tea in one hand, Coke Zero in the other, I drink a double dose of sun rise and blue sky.

Breakfast is my favorite.  I especially like sweet, morning meals—pancakes, French toast, waffles.  There’s even something to be said for un-iced strawberry Poptarts, from time to time.

I’m most productive in the mornings, as well.  I like to write then and begin or end art projects before the sun rises.  Huddling in the half-light of predawn, I draw or scribble in notebooks–the smell of paperpencilpen pulling inspiration out of me.

This morning, however, things are otherwise.  I’m turned around and upside-down.  I’m pouty-lipped and furrowed brow, frowning my way to a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day,” if I don’t watch it.  (No, I will NOT be moving to Australia.)*

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I’m borderline miserable, but for no apparent reason.   I’m pissy, pure and simple.  My neck is soar.  My head aches.  My mood is in the gutter. 

So, forgive this piss-poor, half-assed post (and wish poor Sara well).  It seems I’ve woken on the wrong side of the blog, as well. 

Have you ever opened your eyes on the Sealy’s wrong side?  Are you a morning or a nighttime person?

Please, for the love of blog gods, make your perky opinions know in the comments below.


I’m going back to bed————————–

(*If you have never read Judith Viorst’s children’s book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,”  I recommend it.  By the way, I did go back to bed and woke up feeling better.  Never fear!)

18 thoughts on “Reader Beware: I Opened my Eyes on the Sealy’s Wrong Side

  1. Your bed looks really comfy, but I don’t think it would help me wake up in a better mood. I wake up early in the morning, but generally it’s only safe to talk to me after 9 a.m. It became such a joke in the one company I worked for that I overhead a colleague saying “. . . if you want Lisa in the meeting, then we better make it after 9:00 . . .”.

    However, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – and can be eaten any time of the day.


    • That’s funny, Lisa! Sara jokes with me that she tries not to expect anything of substance from me after 6pm. And sadly she’s right on target. It’s so weird how people have such well-defined internal clocks.

      And I too can eat breakfast for any meal. Sometimes it’s even better if I can sneak it in for dinner.


  2. I am not a morning person AT ALL anymore. I used to be, but then a night-owl partner and a job that keeps me busy until 11:30 pm (at least) came into my life! 🙂
    Here’s to a sunnier afternoon for you and Sara!


    • Wow, Dana. If you work that late, do you find it difficult to unwind enough to go to sleep? That would be a massive challenge for me.

      Actually, we have had a lovely Friday afternoon. Thank God I’m a little less moody now.


  3. I’ve had a few days like that recently, although for me it means I woke up on the wrong side of the waterbed.

    I’m a morning person, too, but not a particularly cheerful one at first. I need an hour or so to myself, in peace and quiet, without the happy chatter that goes on once my husband is awake and about. He’s FAR too chipper for me until I’ve had that hour to gradually osmose into the day.

    Glad to hear you ended up feeling better after all. 🙂


  4. I love mornings – sorry. In Italy I love to get up early, survey the scene from my window and head to the hills for a walk, followed by sfoglia and coffee at the bar. In Australia it is a bit less interesting, just breakfast at home.


  5. My 18 month old wakes up like this regularly, which in turn leaves me no choice but to wake up this way as well. I too can be a morning person, but not when I have a cranky baby by my side. Going back to bed and starting over sounds like a lovely option….I think I’ll share that with him next time. Hope you don’t mind me popping in to make a comment; I just really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.


    • Ah, thank you. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post! Sorry to hear your baby wakes up fussy. That has got to make things difficult. And, yes, how wonderful to have the option of going back to bed and starting over. I’m blessed.

      I appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to comment. It was great having you! Hope you toddler is happier this morning!


  6. Visiting via zonapellucida: I’m a student and unwinding is critical for my sleep. My friends joke that my office opens at 9am and closes at 8pm – expect no emails in between! I definitely have nothing to offer after 8 though for some reason I’m commenting now anyway. My apologies!


    • Great to have you, Rose. I just visited your blog and loved it! Congrats on writing well!

      Sorry to know you suffer from a similar affliction. It’s tough, but I guess some of us have to be neurotic. Right?

      I noticed that you subscribed, so I thank you. I hope that means you’ll visit often!


  7. Oh, how I hate those wrong-sided mornings! It’s my favorite time of day, too, and my most productive. Though I’m finding my evenings are becoming more and more useful (especially when I turn off the TV). It’s that darn in-between-time that sends me snoozing.


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