Even if I Do Say So Myself (A Post about International Aid You Won’t Want to Miss)

Tooting my own horn isn’t a primary vice of mine.  However, I’d love you to read a guest post I did for Jacquelin Cangro’s amazing and inspiring “Shine” series—a post I’m pretty proud of.

About my partner Sara’s work responding to disasters in India and Afghanistan, this piece is important to me.

Sara talks with tribal leaders in Afghanistan.

Please pop over to Jacquelin’s blog, take a look, and, if you don’t mind, leave a comment.  It would mean so much to Sara and me!

Click here to read “The Welcome that is God, the Welcome that is Good,” a portion of which reads:

Sara says that this is the gift her work offers—the opportunity to watch real people lift themselves miraculously up off the floor despite disaster and seeming defeat—smiling the face of God even in the midst of losing everything—their homes, their families, and sometimes nearly their own lives—beaming grace in the face of it all.

Hope you enjoy.

22 thoughts on “Even if I Do Say So Myself (A Post about International Aid You Won’t Want to Miss)

    • Thanks Heather. This post meant a lot to me, not only because it’s about the woman I love, but also because it’s about work that really matters–work that, yes, improves the lives of others, but also can’t help but leave the one doing that work changed.


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