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Kathryn McCullough is an author and artist who lives in Cuenca, Ecuador.  A practicing memoirist, Kathryn blogs for the Huffington Post and has taught college writing for more than three decades.  She believes that participating in the creative process is a redemptive act that transforms memory into text and self into story.

Kathryn is writing a memoir about her childhood and the parents who made that past possible: her father, a bookie for the mob and her mother, a born-again fashionista, who taught her children the values of sartorial conservatism, while herself wearing leather pants and a feather boa.  The memoir is called Kids Make the Best Bookies:  A Childhood Gambled on God and the Mob.

Kathryn has an MA in English literature.  She has lived abroad for nearly a decade.

One thought on “Home

  1. It’s always so great to see the updates via Latitude Living Weekly – you’re doing so many great and helpful projects in Cuenca – and they are filled with color and energy! Too bad I’m in a totally-different sector of the country, though one of these days my trail will take me back to Cuenca! Good luck with the upcoming workshop! Lisa


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