12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Joegodson’s phone number is 36 82 92 42. He will be going to Lakou lapè now to see his friends. Call him. Tell him his buddy and co-author Paul gave this to you. (Maybe don’t publicize it though, please.) Joegodson is worth meeting and knowing!


  2. Thanks for the reference to your event horizon article. It is exactly right. I am Canadian and spent half a year there in 2006. I found too that if you don’t allow your stable reference points to be disturbed, you’re wasting your time there. In fact, it’s worse, you are hardening yourself. I found that personal intimate connections were the way to sanity as you unravel.


  3. my father’s name was George Leeand just recently out of curiosityI’ve been researching doing looking at some of these blogsI find it amazing how peoplespeculate so much about these thingsI grew up around a lot of people whoare mentioned in these blogsI thought my father was an ironworker till I was 13I went to private schoolsand I wound up spending 23 years in a federal penitentiary (max) apparentlyI’ve managed to adjust just finecompared to a lot of peoplewho is the reading these blogs


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