No News is Good News?

I don’t know if no news really is good news, but I, in fact, have no news–at least no news on the job front.  I am becoming more and more anxious the longer it takes to hear from S’s NGO.  However, S. seems to think that our not having heard yet indicates that the Bangkok office would indeed like S. to return and the delay actually involves the US headquarters attempting to get her employment approved.  The truth is that we actually know nothing.  We are still waiting.

In the mean time I had to go into the office again today for a meeting the associate director of the Writing Progam organized to begin planning an April event that will highlight ways in which writers engage with their communities, specifically around the issue of mountain top removal in Appalachia.  I’m not overly enthused about taking on another project during our current transition, but I want to do what I can while I can.

A bit of good news involves the fact that we may have found someone interested in living in our house over the next year.  I won’t say anything about who that might be quite yet.  But it is great to have a responsible person reasonably enthusiastic about the prospect of caring for our home and animals.

I wish I had something of substance to share, but besides the fact that it’s cold and rainy in Lexington this afternoon and besides the regrettable reality that I have been battling a head ache since early this morning, I indeed have no news–not that either the rain or my headache actually qualifies as news to begin with.  Let’s just hope that my newslessness IS a good omen, that it does bode well for employment opportunities in Bangkok.

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