Bangkok Bound

No school today due to snow and ice.  Hooray!  Not only do I not have to drive to campus on the ice-slickened roads, not only do I not have to teach, but also I’ve gotten a good bit of work done at home.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

On top of this, S. received an email this morning announcing that her offer letter should arrive in the mail today!  Out mail carrier has not yet made it to our house this afternoon, so as of yet we do not have letter in hand—-but damn this dream is close to becoming a big, blooming miracle!

In light of this, I felt inspired to work cleaning out what had been my second closet upstairs in the guest room.  Shortly, S. will be moving her clothes into that space, so we can make a closet available for Rachel.  My productivity on that front amazes even me, as I filled three large trash bags with clothes for the Goodwill and disposed of stacks and stacks of previously unsorted mail.  The closet is now pretty much ready for new occupancy.  The completion of that task means the junk room/Rachel’s  room is one step closer to being painted.  I feel a sense of urgency about that space, as any global disaster could have S. overseas in a matter of days.  Well, maybe not, she still has to apply for and receive a business visa prior to departure.

But the fact remains that we are moving forward finally–at a fairly slow pace, perhaps–but we seem to at least be on the right road–that is, one that heads East.  We seem to indeed be Bangkok bound.

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