Challenges, Meteorological and Otherwise

I head back to classes  in the morning.  But all in all, I’d say, the weekend has been fairly productive, both in terms of work done on the house, especially in Rachel’s room, and tasks associated with school.  Perhaps, I’ve not accomplished quite as much as I’d like academically, but I have done enough to get by, and then some.

More important, however, is the fact that I plan to meet in the morning with Deborah, the assistant director of the Writing Program, to let her know about my plans for next year, to give her a heads up that I will likely not be teaching in the fall.  I’m both anxious to get that revelation over with and excited that I will now be able to share our Asian plans with other friends and colleagues in the English Department.  Keeping this information under wraps has challenged me considerably over the past month.

Less challenging this weekend has been the weather.  Temperatures have hovered in the 50’s, and tomorrow it’s supposed to hit the low 60’s–a far cry from the single digits we dealt with last week.  Our local weather forecaster, Bill Meck, is surely lamenting the lack of meteorological drama.

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