Hooray for Blessings Big and Small

This afternoon I told Deborah  my plans to not teach in the fall, and fortunately she responded as I had hoped.  Read yesterday’s post to appreciate the importance of this.  Clearly, my revelation did not merit the anxiety I had attached to it.  And this is a good thing–a very good thing!  Deborah expressed excitement for me and seemed to suggest I would be welcome to return in a year or two or whenever we stop traveling.

This morning reference librarians oriented my students to databases that will allow them to do the research necessary for this essay and the next.  I love listening to others teach my classes.  I left school this afternoon as energized as I arrived there this morning. 

It’s hard to believe we’ve completed a quarter of the semester already.  May will arrive in a few short months.  And, in fact, it should be easier than originally anticipated to survive my separation from S., as we learned yesterday, that she will not leave the US before March and may return home between a trip to India scheduled for then and her eventual departure for  Thailand.  This may allow us to travel to Atlanta in mid March for Millard Fuller’s memorial service and visit with friends from Americus who will attend the same event at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  So all in all I may skip myself through the spring and hop scotch my way  into May with a lot less struggle and a good deal more merriment than I originally thought possible.  Hooray for blessings big and small.

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