That Prospect Thrills Me

I’ve finished my last day of teaching for the week.  It’s not like the past few days have exhausted me and it’s energy depletion that makes me excited about three days away from school.  Rather, I’m concerned about the number of papers I have to grade and wanting to return them to my students before their next drafts are due a week from today.  Then again, it’s Valentines Day weekend and I look forward to spending it with  S.  I’m acutely aware of her departure for Atlanta on Sunday and her traveling to India in March.  Our time together is limited, and I want to capitalize on each and every opportunity.

Also, today I attended a committee meeting for the Evening with the Mountain Keepers event, which was far superior to last week’s gathering.  At that time my frustration was enormous, as I thought I was facing the group’s inability to use the drawing I had completed for them a couple of weeks ago.  That concern left me feeling like I had little if anything to contribute.  The other women in the group are exceptionally gifted in managing the logistics of such an event–a skill I most certainly lack.  I guess, I felt inferior and useless–especially if  my creative contributions weren’t able to be used.  Yet things look much different this week.  Anne is now wanting to sell signed prints of my drawing at the event.  And that prospect thrills me.  I am genuinely enthused.

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