Generationally Challenged

Wow, my work week has ended, ended that is,  in terms of teaching and keeping office hours.  Plenty of class preparation still awaits me this weekend, as does the nightmare of summarizing student evaluations for my teaching portfolio.  However, the daily grind of getting up and facing roomfuls of freshmen is over till Monday.  And, frankly, I love the kids I teach, but periodically I want to crawl into bed with laptop and books and escape all forms of responsibility, instructional and otherwise.  Boredom is under-rated.

Gosh, it’s pretty sad when your idea of a good time involves little more than “laptop and books.”  Clearly I need a life!  But then again I never have been hip or even remotely more than nerdy.  Hell,  I’m the one who’ll go to bed before the sun sets and read and blog and Facebook myself to sleep before the evening’s prime time television lineup even begins.  Be afraid of old age.  Be very afraid!   This is what it means to be a member of the “Dancing with the Stars” generation.

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