In Sickness and in Health

Okay, S. is still quite sick, which upsets me considerably.  Actually, she had begun to feel better, or so it seemed, so I did not offer a health  update yesterday.  Now, however, her apparent relapse concerns me.  Plus, she  sounds  miserable–utterly so.  Perhaps, I’m over-reacting, but it’s difficult to be sick so far from home and almost as difficult to know someone you love is struggling in that way.

At any rate, S’s first 36 hours in Vietnam have proven fairly uneventful, outside of this health scare.  She visited her new office yesterday and met her staff of 40, a group that consists of Vietnamese and ex-pats alike.  Friday she will move to a hotel closer to the office, so she can begin an apartment search in that neighborhood over the weekend.  Gosh, it all seems to be happening so quickly!

In addition to worrying about S’s health, I remain busy on the home front, working this evening to assemble a panel of students whose work we will feature in the Undergraduate Writing Symposium.  I have approached a group of four.  Hopefully they will all be willing to participate.

I think I will hurry and post this with little attention to revision.  I want to relax with a book for a while before bed.  Recreational reading relaxes me like little else.  Thank God for good books and great adventure–if only now we can all stay strong and healthy or, at least, remain a little less sick.

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