Too Tired to Continue

Except for a 2 hour nap after breakfast, I’ve been awake since the wee hours of the morning., working out, doing laundry, grading papers, running errands–all in all a good day except for my crazy, pre-Easter encounters at Wal-Mart–shoppers’ frenzied buying of chocolate bunnies and other bargains destined for baskets not only across Fayette County but also (judging from the crowds) the Commonwealth at large. 

I hopped my way out of Wal-Mart only after having purchased close to $350 worth of toiletries to  be taken  to Vietnam and countless animal essentials to be left in Lexington.  I’m trying like crazy to chip away at my “to do” list a little at a time, so I am not indeed insane the weekend before leaving.  I now have greater compassion for  my mother and the departure related tasks she’s undertaken every two months for going on 8 years–not at all easy.  Granted she’s heading to a part of the world free of squat toilets and does not leave behind a house full of animals bound to become hungry while she’s away, however, she’s got to have her own worries to contend with and unanticipated crisis to address in advance of actual disaster.

Admittedly, I should write more than the 200 words I have thus far, but I’m too tired to continue.

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