Kentucky Colloquial

It’s been an amazing marathon!  I have been grading ten page papers like a maniac.  And I  must admit, it’s not easy getting ready to leave the country and teaching  full-time simultaneously!  However, I’m managing; I’m making it; I’m supposing I’ll survive.

So, needless to say, the intensity of my school schedule, coupled with  travel preparation, has prevented me from blogging much this week, but I am back, at least for a few minutes this evening–hoping to assure all that I am well, maintaining a maniacal schedule, but managing nonetheless.

Friday I took both dogs to be groomed, which meant cutting Lucy’s long hair for the sake of Rachel’s sanity while I’m away.  I suppose she looks okay with a shorter cut, but I must admit missing the longer look I’d worked hard to maintain for many months.  S. thinks she looks quite cute with less long locks, so I’m satisfied, I suppose.

I’ve also had to do some serious shopping in the the past week, purchasing pet supplies, as well as the clothes and toiletries I need for Vietnam.  I suspect that once I arrive there, I may collapse for several weeks from sheer exhaustion.  I wonder which will be worse–getting there or getting ready to get there?  I feel like the “Little Engine that Could”–I think I can.  I think I can.  Then finally–I done did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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