"Not girl on bed!"–"Not bag on floor!"–"Not bike . . . ."

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but for some reason all I want to do is sleep.  Sometimes this might suggest depression, but I don’t feel the least bit sad or lonely.  The question then remains whether or not this could be the residual effect of jet lag an entire week following my flight or an indication that I have not yet adjusted to the time change, again, with my having been in this part of the world for nearly seven days.  I don’t know.

Also significant could be the fact that Sara has left for a week and a half in Hanoi.  However, my sleep patterns were well under way before Sara’s departure. 

The bottom line—I have no idea why I’m so exhausted.

(Sorry to bore you with so much “naval gazing.”)

At any rate, yesterday Lucy and I went to the market near the office in an effort to explore and locate hooks we can attach to the backs of doors without damaging the doors themselves—something that hangs over the top of the door—a system that seems fairly common in the US but is nowhere to be found here.  Sara seems to think I have too many “bags”—purses, book bags, laptop cases, messenger bags, and shoulder-strapped water bottle holders.  Okay, okay, now that I make this list, I realize she may have a point.  However, what bothers Sara most is not my having the bags but more our not having a place to store them.  She seems to think a system of hooks might remedy the problem by giving me a place to hang and hide my stuff.  This clearly lends whole new meaning to the notion of bringing “baggage” into a relationship—poor Sara!

More interestingly, the sidewalks in that part of district one were so swarming with motor bikes yesterday, it proved nearly impossible to get to the market without taking extreme precaution.  As it was, I slipped and fell from trying to walk on the edge of the sidewalk and stepping into the street from time to time, as there was no other way forward.  Clearly, the pedestrian does not have the right of way in Vietnam, even on the sidewalks themselves!

2 thoughts on “"Not girl on bed!"–"Not bag on floor!"–"Not bike . . . ."

  1. You do have WAY too many “bags”, and strapping around you “purses”. It’s a weird little quirk of yours, but endearing nonetheless. Couldn’t you order some sort of hooks on ebay?


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