What’s up with Freshly Pressed?

Is it just me—or has it not been updated for anyone?  I’d HATE to think the editors at WordPress were only keeping it from me and other home-for-the-holiday-hanger-on-ers in Kentucky. 

Has the Obama administration sanctioned an extension of the New Year’s holiday?  Is there some new politically correct way to celebrate that makes it last a few days longer—go days and days without pressing  the premier of the blogosphere?

What’s the deal?  Is there something the gods of when we celebrate what are keeping only from us, from aid workers and their significant others, slogging it out in Haiti?

I know I’ve been sort of living on an island with no TV and only periodic access to electricity—but I’ve been back in the US for over two weeks now.  I should be up on these things—at least for the next few days—until Saturday when I return to my Caribbean paradise.

Somebody please fill me in!  Help me out!  What’s up? 

It’s January 5th already.  Are we not pressing new words in honor of the New Year?

17 thoughts on “What’s up with Freshly Pressed?

    • It’s strange. But I’m glad to know I’m not missing something obvious–like an announcement that was made about a temporary break being taken. Sara often teases me about my lingering absent-minded professor inclinations–so I wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed an email letting us know about this in advance.


  1. Lol, notification sure would have been nice. But, sadly, no, no such luck. I even came close to clearing my cookies (that was my plan for today) in case it was something on my end. And then when I woke up this morning I saw that they had FP’d two new blogs. So…maybe one person is back to work? Who knows? I’m looking forward to FP coming back full time because it introduces me to wonderful new blogs and wonderful new bloggers.


    • Thanks for letting my know. When I woke up this morning none had yet been pressed. Thank God the FP editors have finally recovered from their holidays–something tells me there may have been alchohol involved.


  2. they seem to be back up and running…
    I sent an email yesterday to them…I am sure that’s when they realized they hadn’t been keeping things…”fresh”.
    No thanks required.


  3. I had noticed too, but wasn’t sure the process so didn’t think to ask. Actually I kept hoping they were so enthralled reading my blog and getting ready to “freshly press it” that they just didn’t get to updating the front page! lol!! But alas, there are some newbies there and I am not one of them. Thanks for noticing and helping to keep it fresh!


  4. That’s also the same question I’ve been bothering about… it’s something I would always see (but I tend to bypass it) when I open my WordPress page, and it’s something that I just stare and ask, “I’m doing post a day, but, what does it take for my posts to stand out from the crowd?”

    I’ve read through the tips, done all my work (even putting in relevant images), but, still, no response. I just wonder what I can do to even make it to the top. It’s a huge competition indeed every weekday, and yet, little to no one sees my blog. I wonder if I really need some help…


    • I wish I knew what to tell you, Anthony. I was freshly pressed just 3 weeks into my blog and hadn’t used a single visual yet, though I know they recommend that you do. I think it helps to comment on the pieces that are freshly pressed everyday. I think they pay a bit more attention to those bloggers. At least, that’s what I think helped me. Good luck and keep writing!


  5. That does not help me get motivated, though. I glance through the titles, and little to none of them makes me fancy to read them. Worse, some of the topics featured are not the things I even cover! It’s something that makes me feel a little depressed, and I am wondering: how would blogging ever work if you’ve done everything you can but you’ve not made it yet to the top?

    I understand that putting in visuals is great (I have a whole library of them), and I put visuals on many of my posts. However, I will heed your advice on commenting on those freshly pressed, even though they are off-topic to me. I just wanted to get some advice… check out my blog and tell me what you think: http://www.anthonynachor.com


    • I would encourage you to read freshly pressed not only for the content, but for the quality of writing. Read those pieces and try imitating what you think works in them. Your posts will only be as strong as the the other bloggers you’re reading. Also go to technorati.com and check out the top 100 blogs for models. Hope this helps.


  6. I’ve read on some of them, and it looks like that I will do a blog a day then for images, wherein I will take a few pictures and use them to discuss how my day went (I’ll use the Syria blog as a model). On Technorati, though, it seems to me that many of the best blogs are actually run by a lot of authors–both full-time and guests–which I cannot afford to have for now, especially they deal with businesses. I like that advice, yet I really want some more.


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