Carpe Diem

Much to my good fortune and hopefully the readers of my blog next week, I have the unexpected opportunity to visit Leogane, one of the towns west of Port-au-Prince, closest to the epicenter of the earthquake.  Because of this, I’m having to interrupt my series on Haitian art for a day or two.  Sorry about this, but please understand I almost never have the opportunity to visit the field and expect this travel with positively impact posts next week.

Thanks you for your patience also, if I do not read your blogs for the next couple days, as I try to maximize this opportunity.   See you soon—-

20 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. be safe out there, traveling, and I just know you will let your experiences permeate and fill you–and, then of course, we look forward to your coming back and spilling the beans!


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