on leaving Haiti: an elegy

on leaving Haiti:  an elegy

this is a country we come to
          only in grieving
            only in leaving
            cheek of child
                left open
               to the rain
           a city of edges
all middle America thinking
     all forms of ceremony
        and white cheese
        with the dying

18 thoughts on “on leaving Haiti: an elegy

  1. I imagine it is hard to leave Haiti even with the warm anticipation of returning to Lexington. Know your work has done more than you will ever realize – even if feeling incomplete at this point.


    • I’d say that’s certainly true for Sara, but I haven’t really done anything but blog about Haiti. I feel I’ve gained much more than I’ve given–so much more.

      Take care, Marlene, and hope your feel’eing okay. We’re praying for you!


    • Thanks, Deanna. You know strangely enough, I think it’s writing about Haiti that has made me feel so connected to the place. Somehow I’ve processed the experience more deeply and meaningfully that way.

      Hope you have a great weekend, Deanna!


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  3. Poignant and expressive, Kathy – thank you. I guess, with Sara in disaster relief, it is always in grieving that you arrive at your new homes?
    Strength to you as you wean yourself away from this place that has been your home for some time.
    Hugs from London
    Sunshine xx


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