26 thoughts on “Memoir as Mouthful

  1. this is funny to me.
    My mom came down to see my daughter’s concert last night, and spent the night.
    this morning, we are having coffee and I say to her, I say,
    “hey, mom, you should subscribe to Kathy’s blog–you’d enjoy her, and her writing. Here, let me show you her post today.”
    then, I leave her my laptop and go make a bathroom run.
    I come back out and say,
    “well–what did you think?”
    and she says, “well, are her posts always so short?”


    • This is too, too funny, Jane! Made me laugh out loud————— I’m sure this has got to be the shortest post I’ve EVER done! Hopefully she’ll try again on another day! Tell your mom, I would love her to read, and I will promise her more substantial posts!


    • Isn’t she funny! Last night I was brushing my teeth and heard a clunk on the floor behind me. Lucy had lugged that bone into the bathroom and dropped it, preparing to chow down near me, in case her big brother tried to take his bone back.


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