Haiti Inhabits my Old Kentucky Home

The transfer of power is complete in one Kentucky living room, as, indeed, a pair of Lexington lesbians took control of one Haitian shipping container, an over-sized metal box that moved in Friday morning, coughed its content on the lawn, and quickly left the scene.

Ultimately dishes, pots and pans were put away; paintings and iron sculptures made their way onto walls. 

An incredible scene of order and international diplomacy, as Lexington welcomed Haiti to its old Kentucky Home.  Even Donald Trump tried to take credit for this display of cooperation among the Americas.

Today a photographic tour of the event—

First, our house on 4th Street where the container arrived—my old Kentucky home:

The container lock is broken:

Sara and Ralph prepare for the unpacking:

The doors open:

The first box arrives on Sara and Kathy’s Lexington lawn:

It’s like Christmas as each box in unwrapped:

More and more boxes:

Eventually, art is unboxed:

Ralph gets in on the action–emphasis on action:

Lucy helps:

With the dogs’ help, eventually, it all gets moved indoors.  And art makes it up on walls:


More art on another wall:

Above the fireplace:

In the dining room, as well:

And even in the entrance way:

Now that we’ve about got things put away and in order, Sara will soon be reassigned to another international location, and we’ll start the process all over again in another month.

On the road again . . .

36 thoughts on “Haiti Inhabits my Old Kentucky Home

  1. Hear, hear, Renee! 🙂 I love her comment. That’s exactly right. And I’m so glad you were able to get so much of it unpacked–how impressive! 🙂


    • Thanks, Mark. At least it’s nice to know we have something worth coming home to. However, there are somethings about our house that are not so nice–like the front porch (falling off), the horrible siding, etc. We joke that we keep the outside looking bad, so no one will think there’s anything worth stealing inside.


    • I’m not sure what you mean–get it all put away? leave the home we love? About the former, I didn’t do nearly as much as Sara did–she’s the really amazing one. About the latter–I suppose we go because we enjoy the challenge. Not sure if I’m answering your question. Hope I have—————–


  2. Please tell me that dog in the bag didn’t come out of one of the boxes?!! I think you are superwomen (making bowing movements). Really great sequence of photos Kathy – now we’ll expect the same when packing up again 😦 Good luck!


    • Too funny, Penny! We put Lucy in her carrier when there are lots of people around, as it keeps her calm and makes her less likely to bark like the crazed creature she really is. I know she looks cute and quiet, but it’s all an act!


  3. I’m amazed you actually had wall space left in your beautiful home for the new artwork. Our apartment walls are JAM PACKED already with Marty’s paintings, so we have to be very selective when shopping for new things on our travels. (This doesn’t stop us from buying a ton of new stuff in practice, but it should!)

    Way to go, Kathy and Sara! I’m really curious to hear where you will be stationed next.


    • Gosh, Dana, we worried about this, as well! Fortunately many of my pieces are small and don’t take up an enormous amount of wall space. It turns out we had more room than we realized.

      I can’t wait to find out where we go next either!


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