Death by Dinner Party

It all started with the rain—

–When we had planned to party on the lawn. 

My partner Sara had been planting and pruning, purposefully piddling in the garden for months.  I had joined in on weekends away from blogging, before participating in full-time party prep last Thursday.

I had cleaned our huge home from almost-top to almost-bottom, omitting only attic and basement from my frenzied scrubbing.

Sara had been reading recipes and planning menus, everything from growing herbs to grocery shopping.

We were exhausted but nearly ready, when we woke up Sunday morning to rain—lots of rain—rivers of rain.  We prepared to launch the ark but decided we’d be better off praying for it to stop and proactively setting up inside instead.  (I exaggerate here only a little.)

Sara continued to cook, while I went into frantic but festive over-drive—rearranging and setting up the indoor option—keeping the outdoor one in place, just in case God decided a ceasefire was in order and our pummeling from heaven should come to a quick and less-wet, happy ending.

Once I’d gotten the inside done, the heavens parted, the rain stopped, and we were whiplashed into outdoor mode once more.

To make a long story more mercifully short, the party proved amazing; the blog has been ignored—our outside party on the lawn a huge success.

But I woke up this morning post-less and sick as my Maltese when Mommy’s gone.  (And I don’t even drink.)

So the blog and all my blogging buddies have been sacrificed to party success and ensuing partied-sickness.

But I promise to get back on track tomorrow—a real mental illness post in my bloodied blogger’s fist or housing piece complete and ready for prime time.

In the meantime—please forgive my break from blogging.

Death by dinner party is more than it’s cracked up to be, and I don’t even have the pictures to prove it.

See you in a less-partied, more stomach-settled day or so . . .


26 thoughts on “Death by Dinner Party

  1. I’m glad the spigot turned off enough for you to be able to pull off the party outdoors after all. At least if you HAD done it inside, you have a beautiful home that I’m sure your guests would have enjoyed!


    • Thanks, Mark! Inside would have been okay but we had worked so hard on the outside, we so wanted to have it in the yard–especially Sara. She toiled for months! Hope your drive today goes well! Be careful and avoid hail!


  2. Big hugs. I hope you’re feeling better by now. The party sounds like it was a great success in spite of the weather making it a little challenging. 🙂


  3. Kathy…
    Lovely descriptions (minus OUR invite of course — I LIVE for dinner parties!), although I had to clean my laptop screen off from spitting “P’s” after reading the following from your post to my wonderful partner, Daryl (the Peppah to my Salt)…
    (((My partner Sara had been planting and pruning, purposefully piddling in the garden for months. I had joined in on weekends away from blogging, before participating in full-time party prep last Thursday.)))
    Actually, LOVED your descriptions on this one Kathy (and some of the other things I’ve read on your blog — really enjoying the titles too)! Glad we got to “meet” via Miss Lisa and her incredible “Woman Wielding Words.” Isn’t she aDORable?? oxox


    • Thanks for reading, Ed! We’ll be sure to invite you all to our next party. How thoughtless of us to have overlooked you on this last big bang! Damn lesbians! We can’t be trusted—————-

      And, yes, I may have over done the alliteration just a bit–but what’s a post without some good spitting here and there!

      Lisa is indeed aDORable!

      Greetings to Daryl, as well!


  4. It is just such events that are food for blogging. If we do not live off the computer how can we have something to talk about on the computer? That is part of why I have been fairly quiet lately 🙂


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