Sara’s Photo-a-Day Project: 3 January 2012 (Tuesday)

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp:  Keeping an Open Mind

Nathan, Sara’s nephew, gave this to Kathy for Christmas.  It’s supposed to emit negative ions that naturally refresh the air.  We’re open to that notion.

31 thoughts on “Sara’s Photo-a-Day Project: 3 January 2012 (Tuesday)

  1. We own two of the crystal salt lamps and totally love them. I can’t say for sure whether they actually emit negative ions, etc., but they sure give off a beautiful, warm glow. They’re great to have around for aesthetic reasons alone. 🙂


      • I find that they help stabilize the energy present and remove negative energies that tend to creep in. They also physically help “clean” the air by releasing positive ions (and neutralizing negative ions).


      • Cool. I’m going to have to go look at the literature that came with the lamp, as I think it said they release negative ions. I thought that sounded a little backwards. Thanks for clarifying that.


      • If I’d have actually used my brain instead of just “blurting out” my earlier comment, I’d have realized it would have to be negative ions. Positively charged material oxidizes easily (think iron and rust) though I’m struggling at the moment to remember the exact chemical reactions (been too long since I had chemistry!). The same thing happens in the body … what many refer to as “free radicals”. Anyway, in theory the negative ions bond with the extra positive charge and neutralize it, leaving a more stable material. 😉


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