Sara’s Photo-a-Day Project: 7 January 2012

Climate Change?

Within walking distance of our house in downtown Lexington, is an outdoor skating rink.  Saturday is was nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and folks were skating in sweaters and flannel shirts–our usual January ice only in the rink.

24 thoughts on “Sara’s Photo-a-Day Project: 7 January 2012

  1. This photo is the epitome of the winter we’ve had here in MN too! What a strange season it has been. My daughter is extremely frustrated that in order to really enjoy the new ice skates she got for Christmas, she needs to pay to use an indoor rink.


  2. Yesterday, in the Big Apple, the temperature reached an unseasonably mild 62. It last snowed out here in October, the first time it snowed in October in the almost 30 years I’ve been nesting here. I don’t miss walking down the street in white-out conditions and beaning myself so hard in the forehead off a low hanging air conditioner I’m sporting the GE logo on it for the rest of the day. Yes, that really did happen to me.


  3. We’re having a similar winter except for that one good snowfall.

    Got some good curves going on in this photo. The building in the background, the tree branches, the rink… 🙂


  4. With a January as mild as this one we could all be duped into thinking winter may not happen. Here’s to skaters who get the chance to skate unencumbered by massive winter gear and to a winter that may never step up to the plate! (A girl can dream, right?)


  5. My mom reports no snow on the family farm in South Saskatchewan; it was 48 here in West Michigan today.

    Reports of snow coming this week .. I still feel like lady winter is just going to wake up and spank us.

    I’ve got boots, mittens and a blankie in my car, just in case. Once a prairie girl, always a prairie girl 🙂



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