"I did this" and "I did that"

This morning I attended the writing program’s all-staff meeting, which actually turned out to be a rather encouraging experience.  Andrea Lundsford, who directs rhetoric and composition studies at Stanford and also wrote the St. Martin’s Handbook I use with my classes,  discussed projects her students had done that both engaged them with the community and asked them to explore issues about which they felt passionly.  I found her to be quite inspiring–an attractive elderly woman with white hair coiled in barrettes above each ear.  The bottom line is this–she communicated a care and concern for her students that moved me and reminded me why I am teaching in the first place.  I felt affirmed.

I have yet another meeting here in the next 30 minutes to strategize further about our “Evening with the Mountain Keepers” event scheduled for early April.  I don’t feel like attending today.  I’d rather head home and blog from bed.  I just returned to campus from home, where I let the dogs out to go potty and cleaned out litter boxes.  I wish I hadn’t had to come back to school. But, alas, I’m here, willing and able to do what’s needed.

S. is in her Frankfort office this afternoon, hating what remains of her job more with each hour she’s forced to spend there.  I’m not exactly sure what she dislikes so vehemently.  I suspect it’s having to be there when her heart has returned to disaster response.  Once she has made up her mind it is difficult for her to wait, which, in fact, I  understand.  I sure as hell don’t want to be here at the University of Kentucky this semester.  I want these changes to hurry up and happen.

In conclusion, I must mention my concern that this blog is degenerating into mundane reports about daily events.  No one wants to read a simple catalogue of “I did this” and “I did that.”  Boring!  I’m not sure what the solution is, since not much is actually happening.  If I had more time, I’d be able to take the details of daily life and make them interesting.  Blah, blah, blah.  I should stop while I’m ahead.  Enough of this nonsense.

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