Up for the Challenge

Today has been nothing less than insanely busy, as I am getting ready for school to start tomorrow.  I’m afraid this may not bode well for the rest of semester, but hopefully the intensity will lessen and things will proceed at a more moderate pace.

On a less than positive note, I might mention the person we had hoped might live in our house this next year has decided that our back steps would be more than her knees could handle and that she is not up for a move at any point in the near future.  I understand how she  feels.  So we are without a house sitter, but not without potential candidates.  I emailed my former student Rachel a while ago to see if she might be up for the challenge.  We had considered her our best bet all along.

I swear I wish I had something, anything, of interest to share, but life has been reduced to the mundane drudgery that is my job–not that I would have considered it such before the prospect of Asian adventure.  However, the truth is that I enjoy teaching and at times absolutely love it.  And I’m sure I would feel that way today were it not for options that feel more appealing. 

At any rate, I start a new semester tomorrow, and, I believe, I’m up for the challenge.

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