Cheers for a new semester

First day of classes and all went well.  This was one of those days that reminds me what I love most about teaching–managing to make learning fun–communicating that I care–sharing the best parts of  me with the best parts of my students.

What amuses me the most, however, is that six University of Kentucky cheerleaders are enrolled in one of my classes.  I swear–this has got to be a first.  This group was appalled  to learn that I had never attended a UK basketball game–a near sacrilege for any Lexintonian–let alone for a university alumnus and current university instructor.  At any rate, I suspect their presence will create interesting dialogue in that class.  Hopefully I can cheer them on as writers, as we all tumble our way into a new semester.

In the midst of getting to meet my students for the first time and enduring all the first-day-of-classes insanity, I am also busy with the writing program’s mountaintop removal event scheduled for early April.  I had not anticipated the work associated with that to consume so much of my time.  Currently, I am trying to solicit art we can exhibit that evening and dealing with potentially competing agendas from artists and committee members alike.  One artist with whom I’ve communicated is sometimes difficult to wok with, but he does art on this stuff.  I feel like he always has to have his way.

Gosh, this post almost makes it sound like things are not going well, when indeed they are.  It’s just that I feel scattered already, this early in the semester.  This is not necessarily bad, only an indication that that I am busy, busier than I would like.  But maybe this will make the time go by more quickly, the time until I leave for Bangkok and other Asian destinations.  Hopefully, I will lead my own cheers as this semester gets started, cheers for my students success as writers and for my own success with all weight loss related endeavors.

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