A Little Less in Limbo?

I suppose I should be energized this morning, but for some reason I’m not.  It’s Saturday and I have no school till Tuesday.  I think what threw me is having slept in till after 7 am–an indulgence I don’t generally allow myself, as starting my day that late makes me feel behind well into the afternoon.  You just can’t accomplish that much when you spend extra hours lounging in bed.  God, I sound so much like my mother it frightens me.  She rarely if ever allows a laxing of her achievement standard.  Go, go now, go fast, go far–her drill sergeant, Nazi concentration camp guard ethic.  And I wonder why it’s hard to relax!

So, at least I’ve begun this blog!  Right?  That has to count for something–not much maybe but at least a smidgen of success.

On another note, I should mention that S. finished her stint in Frankfort yesterday.  I know she’s pleased that it’s over but not so pleased that we have had no recent update for the NGO she’ll work for overseas.  However, her contact person was scheduled to be in Europe this past week, so we assume that may account for the delay.  Regardless, we are anxious to have the details finalized, anxious to move on with our lives, anxious for both of the above and then some.  It’s not easy to live in limbo.

Less in limbo are our plans for this evening .  Then we are scheduled to have dinner with my friend Anne at Mia’s.  Anne works in the Writing Program.  Mia’s is a lesbian bar downtown that has upgraded its menu in the last year, so that now it is equal parts upscale restaurant and neighborhood watering hole–quite a nice place to eat actually.

I need to run and email Rachel now.  Have I mentioned that it looks like she will house sit for us next year?  At any rate, S. wants to know what color she’d like us to paint her room.  Perhaps, we’re a little less in limbo on that front.

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