Keep fact under wraps

I got a great haircut today!  Actually had inches and inches chopped off.  It had hung to my shoulders but now is chin length.  What a relief to have the gray gone, as well as the split ends.  By the way, I had my color done also–high-lights and low-lights.  All in all, an enormous improvement.

The problem I face this evening, though, is that I don’t feel like writing–don’t seem to have the creative energy to make this meaningful and fun to read.  I’m going through the motions because I made the commitment to blog each day–not because I’m currently in love with language or happy with my ability to craft words into reasonably elegant prose that even borders on entertaining.  But then you could argue that I’m expecting too much–that it’s not realistic to demand my work be both elegant and funny, both memorably eloquent and amusingly so.

Alas, I’m less than perfect.  Guess I should keep that fact under wraps.

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