Would this be the day I didn't blog?

I am busy beyond belief–no time to do anything even marginally recreational.  It seems this shouldn’t be happening so early in the semester.  I guess the good thing is that this helps the time pass more quickly–that is the time until I’m able to leave for Bangkok.  It’s sad that the semester has barely begun and already I’m wanting it to end.  However, again this has nothing to do with not liking my job, nothing to do with not enjoying the classroom, nothing to do with not caring for my students.  I suspect I actually love teaching.  In fact, I almost always walk away from the classroom energized.  The real issue is that I simply want to move on.  I’m excited about returning to Thailand, and I want to do so immediately, if not sooner.

Rachel came by this evening to talk about how things will work when she moves in–the logistics of bill paying and dog feeding, the details of paint picking and closet emptying.  It was good to see her.  She’s excited about the loss of housing costs, and the notion that we trust her so completely.

At any rate, I suspected this would indeed be the day I didn’t blog.  Yet I’ve pounded something out–not a very good something, but words and sentences and paragraphs, nonetheless.

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