Feather your Nest

S. and I did the grunge thing this afternoon–visited an antique/flea market establishment called Feather your Nest,  hopped over to the Good Will thrift store for clothes to beef up our wardrobes, discovered a new used book store in the same section of shopping center, and stopped at a new- to-us sandwich establishment, where I attempted to eat the chicken salad with a none-too-sturdy plastic fork that bent back on itself each time I tried to stab a chunk of ice burg lettuce.   That’s what you get when you try to eat healthfully in a joint more famous for its classic club on toast than its salad du jour.  At any rate, it was all quite fun and, perhaps, one of the few such adventures we’ll be able to share before Samantha heads off to Asia, where, golly-jee, we’ll have a new nest to feather.

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