Nothing of meaning or merit

For two days straight I have worked on a drawing that can be used as a logo or banner for the mountaintop removal event the Writing Program is sponsoring in April.  Because of this project, yesterday for the first time since beginning this blog, I posted nothing.  I’ve been trying this evening to upload the piece to this post but have not yet succeeded.  Technology makes me nuts.

At any rate, I’m too burnt out from that creative effort to write much of anything here tonight.  I want to toss this laptop aside and curl up with a book in an effort to decompress before the launch of a new week’s worth of responsibility.

Sometimes I wonder if I should bother blogging on days when I have so little to say.  Is it worth the effort?  Does it matter that I say nothing of real meaning or merit?  Surely, if I had regular readers, they would stop looking for updates, if all I posted were shit like this.  And, god knows, I wouldn’t want to alienate any of my non-existent fans.   So please keep reading.  At the very least, I promise  this writing can’t get much more pathetic than it does this evening.

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