Dreaming of all Things Asian

S’s offer letter has not yet arrived.  We received an email early Tuesday morning that the letter should come that afternoon.  This is Thursday evening and still nothing.  It’s beginning to make S. crazy with worry.  I feel less concerned, believing she would not have been assured the letter was in the mail, if indeed the offer were in danger of falling through.  It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where that would be a possibility.

In the mean time, we continue to make progress cleaning out the junk room and preparing it for paint.  Today we managed to move all of our Christmas decorations into the attic, along with boxes of miscellaneous God-knows-what, including a dog crate, old journals, picture frames, television, VCR/DVD player, empty cat food cans, etc.  You name it, it’s up there.  The only items not stashed over-head were candles and photographs.

I might also mention that S’s sister Laura is here again tonight with her little dog Grace–Ralph and Lucy’s canine cousin.  It feels good to have them here.  However, as I type this my eyes keep closing and I am more than ready to rest.  In that spirit I think I’ll roll over, turn out the light, and dream of all things Asian.  Good night.

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