Revolution Gone Suburban

Lord!  I just don’t seem to have time for this blogging thing.  Yesterday I spent so much time reading student essays that I wrote nothing.  Today it feels equally challenging to find time for  this.  Presumably one must carve out space in the day for this kind of creative process.  Oh, well, at least I’m writing something now.  Surely that effort makes up for some squandering of opportunity earlier in the weekend.

At any rate, S., Laura, and I went to see Revolutionary Road late this afternoon–a worthwhile way to occupy  a cold Saturday in January.  The movie, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, is about a young couple, April and Frank,  living in  the suburbs of the 1950’s, attempting to not settle for all that life represents–attempts to domesticate the American dream or any dream for that matter, to settle for the ordinary over the extrordinary, comfort over discomfort, routine over adventure.  It’s about what happens when we attempt to domesticate any radical way of thinking or being in the world, about what happens when revolution becomes a destination rather than a journey, what happens when being and evolving are reduced to  been there and done that.

And, I guess that’s what this blog is about in some ways–about our unwillingness to suburbanize ourselves, our refusal to tame our own wildness, to believe that the West is something to be conquered, that our impulse toward the native should be colonized on some suburban block in some subdivision or other.  Clearly we would rather run with the wolves than domesticate the dog.  We are women; hear us roar.

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