Junk Room Goes Rachel

S. and I finished painting Rachel’s room today.  Hip, hip, hooray!  This represents significant progress in getting the  house ready for our eventual departure overseas.  I had begun to fear we would never get what had been our junk room emptied of its considerable content.  That part of the task in and of itself was enormous.  Now the space is not only free of stuff, it is painted, as well.  This makes my entire weekend worthwhile!  Even if I don’t accomplish another thing before Monday, I’ll feel confident having gotten that room moving toward  its new incarnation.  Thank God for small, or maybe not so small, miracles.

This afternoon I also managed to work out the daily schedule for my students’ second unit.  I had begun to worry about this, as I had to completely abandon the usual service learning project I do with Habitat for Humanity.  Instead my classes will be writing their second essays about problematic places on campus or in the local community.  Actually, I think they will enjoy this topic more than the one focused on volunteerism, and in the long run I think this will be less labor intensive for me.  Hip, hip, hooray, all over again!

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