It's still hot in here.

S. is asleep in the bed next to me, and it is suffocatingly hot in our room, as both the heated mattress pad  and the electric space heater are on high.  S. is cold.   Perhaps, I’m at an age where I am beginning to suffer from hot flashes, but good god, I can’t tolerate the heat.  It’s the tropical temperatures that I dread most about Bangkok.  Actually that’s the only part of Southeast Asia I am not looking forward to.  What I remember about Thailand from a couple of years ago makes me think I will enjoy much about the country and its culture–especially the mangos. 

Today I returned to the classroom for the first time in over a week, which felt wonderful.  I can’t help but love my students.  They delight, to say the least.  Interacting with them and watching them learn pleases and fulfills me.  Probably I will miss teaching next year.  In many regards I think that getting out regularly,  interacting with others,  benfits my thinking and alleviates my anxiety, helps to normalize life for me and my mood-disordered self.

That being said, I must admit that I look forward to time off this weekend.  I want to hep S. finish painting Rachel’s room, have the freedom to nap in the afternoons and read for pleasure.  Certainly one of my greatest pleasures is curling up in bed with a book,  an activity I find little time for during the week.  God, it’s still too hot in here.

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