My almost sons and daughters

Wow–lots of people read my post yesterday!  This is exciting.  It motivates me to actually invest a bit of energy in improving what I write.  Yeah, here I am the composition  teacher having to motivate herself to write.  Any students who read this can now be assured that I too dread having to put pen to paper sometimes.  It can be a pain in the ass when you just don’t want to be bothered.  And often I sooooo don’t want to be bothered. 

But sometimes my students inspire me to try harder, to do better, to not take the easy way out.  I just received an email from a student who is working on a piece about the most under-renovated classroom on campus, and some of his lines are stunningly funny.  It’s inspiring to watch these kids grow as writers and as human beings.  So many of them have the most amazing souls and truly brilliant minds.  I only wish I could have been as enlightened as they when I was 18 or 19 years old.  I may never have children, but at least I have the honor of watching these almost sons and daughters take deep looks inside themselves and mature into beautiful beings of whom I am most proud!

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