Good Things

More change is on the way–S.  is still in Atlanta, will return home Friday evening, and leave a week from Saturday for Hanoi, where she will become her NGO’s interim national director for Vietnam.  We had thought the  first stop in our upcoming Asian adventure would be Bangkok, but how quickly things change!  And this could not have been more unexpected!

Our plan prior to this had anticipated S’s taking a series of shorter trips this spring beginning  March 8th, trips that would have  allowed her to return home between assignments to India, Jordan, Indonesia, and Geneva.  Then suddenly late yesterday afternoon this appointment in Vietnam became inevitable.  I suspect I’m adjusting well to the reality that a two month separation is nearly upon us, that is until I can make it to Hanoi myself when the semester ends around the 1st of May.  We don’t expect to settle in Bangkok until later this summer.

Also important is the fact that the chair of the English Department at Oral Roberts University, where I taught in the late 80’s contacted me this week.  This excites me considerably, as it puts me in touch, not only with Bill, but also with my other colleagues from that time.  This is a good thing–a very good thing.

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