Comedy of Errors

Now S. thinks we may be in Hanoi till the Jimmy Carter Work Project ends in November.  Clearly, I am learning to anticipate these kinds of announcements, as I had already mentioned to my mother that I thought this might be the case.  Incidentally, when I spoke with my mom this morning she offered elaborate commentary on Vietnamese politics and the renaming of cities after the war, that I was unable to follow or make sense of–explanations she said had come from my Uncle Paul.  I simply don’t think this could be the case.  My mother either misunderstood what he said or gave him misinformation about where we would be living.  I called her back at one point thinking she must have told my uncle we were going to Korea rather than Vietnam.  You have to know my mother and my uncle to appreciate the humor in this.  However, I suspect she told my uncle we were going to Korea, because in our conversation she kept saying “Korea” instead of “Vietnam.”  Oh, well, no one other than my siblings or cousins could appreciate this comedy of errors that is communication in our family.

As I write this, however, S. is driving back from Atlanta.  Hopefully she’ll be home by 9 o’clock this evening.  She fortunately confused her departure date.  She leaves for Asia a week from Sunday rather than Saturday, which means we’ll have an extra day together.    It feels now like every day matters more than ever.

Today I researched Hanoi–cost of apartments, best district for expat residence, jobs teaching English, and visa renewal policies and procedures.  I have an enormous amount to learn.  I’m even ignorant about the geography of South East Asia, which is not good.

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