Kathy Claims Neanderthal Roots

After spending the day with students in the library, running errands, and fighting with a  moody copy machine in the English Department, I’m tired and struggling with a headache.  I’m more than ready for this week to end.  Fortunately tomorrow is Thursday, my last day of classes till Monday.  Probably I sound pathetic–probably I am pathetic–not to mention irritable and bitchy and so, so sad that S. is leaving  for Asia on Sunday.  It’s going to be a long couple of months.  But thank God for Skype!  Without it I wouldn’t be able to survive the separation.  At least, it allows us to talk for free and even see one another via  web-cam.  So, rather than dwelling on the negative, perhaps, I should be thankful for the technology that will allow us to survive 2 months apart.

However, I don’t have much meaningful stuff to share tonight.  I’m too tired to create or use words inventively.  I need to call this quits and allow this to be my least inspired post to date.  It’s okay, right?  Will you try reading again on another day, when I feel more human and less like a neaderthal near death?

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