UK Disregards Student Welfare

My students’ papers  about problematic places on campus are alerting me to university issues that genuinely concern me–the blatant unfairness of the meal plan all  campus  residents are forced to buy, not to mention the health hazards and abysmal living conditions that are epidemic in the dorms themselves.  And frankly I feel that something must be done, but I don’t know how to even begin addressing the innumerable instances of  disregard for students’ welfare.  I’d like to contact the local news media–the Lexington Herald Leader and, perhaps, channel 18, but suspect I should wait till the end of the semester to do so.  Someone clearly must take action on behalf of these kids.

However, in addition to realizing the university’s culpability in making life difficult for students, I did teach two great classes today–sessions during which we analyzed drafts of essays on overhead projectors.  In both instances the kids suggested that that kind of class activity proved instructive and asked to do more.  In my final class, both students whose papers we were supposed to discuss did not show up for the session.  This unfortunately derailed  each activity I had planned for the hour, so I let students leave early and instead met with a few one on one to discuss progress on their  drafts.  I only hope this interaction  was as helpful as the peer review sessions done earlier in each of my other classes.

At any rate, I’m now too tired to write anything more even remotely interesting, so I’m going to wrap this up and go to bed.  Insomnia is clearly not an issue for me these days–or nights, for that matter.

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