Accounting for Comedy

Recently my productivity has amazed even me, especially during the past week.  Not only have I managed to grade more student essays than I care to count and calculated and posted midterm grades, but also I’ve finished my official summary of student evaluations, registered for frequent flier programs with four  US airlines, and (drum roll, please) filed my federal and state income taxes!  Admittedly, there’s more to be done, but, goodness gracious, I’m feeling a great sense of accomplishment and enjoying the satisfaction that goes along with it.  The realization that Spring Break would be my last chunk of free time to finish  the tasks that have to be done before I leave for Asia has motivated me to maximize this opportunity–carpe diem in a work your ass off kind of way.

However, the week has not been all work and no play–much work and little play, perhaps, but last night, for example, I ate dinner with Lynn and the boys at Ricon’s in Chevy Chase.  Needless to say, for those of you who know my family’s tendencies toward hilarity, we had an awfully good time.  The evening culminated in an episode of serious spillage, when I tipped a tall plastic glass of diet Coke (a good 32 ouncer) into my lap.  Fortunately a friendly bus boy attempted to save me from my baptism by carbonated beverage.  He seemed to be standing by with mop and rag in hand waiting to intercept any unintended tippage.  However, as he lept to the rescue, my nephew Johnny interjected the best line of the night, commenting to said beverage-cleaner-upper, “Get that girl a sippy cup!”  Perhaps, it’s not as funny in the telling as it was when it happened, but I convulsed so in laughter,  the contents of my bladder threatened to  damped further already drenched drawers.  When it rains, it pours, so to speak, or shall we say “leak.”

Okay, this is becoming too silly to be funny–the blogged equivalent of slap stick.  But try me again next time. Perhaps then, I’ll apply the same productivity to humor, as I did to taxes–a comedy accountant, of sorts.

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