Spoiling Spring Break

Okay, this has got to be a record–another day of amazing productivity!  I accomplished so much, I’m almost afraid the enumeration of completed tasks could, in itself, exhaust me.  But I’ll risk the mention of a few, namely the cleaning of the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, the vacuuming of the entire first floor (six large rooms), the completion of a detailed floor plan for the Student Center Grand Ballroom the evening of the Mountain Keepers event, the payment of my vehicle registration, the running of errands, the cancellation of my Lexington Herald Leader subscription beginning April 18th, and last, but far from least, the replacement of windshield wipers on my truck. Clearly the remedy for my mid semester slump  has been the energy-inducing nature of Spring Break.  I never dreamt I could accomplish so much with only one week away from school.

Also significant–that S. moves into our new Saigon apartment Monday afternoon, that our dog Ralph is under-going surgery in morning to repair his ruptured ACL, and that two stray cats have taken up residence in our basement, a squatting of sorts, both in terms of leaseless living and in terms of pottying in the cellar’s dirt floor–a soiling, if you will.  Do you suppose Air-wick would work in that setting or Glade plug-ins, perhaps?

Another record–that this may be my shortest post to date–wouldn’t want to spoil Spring Break with excessively shitty blogs–or would that be a “soiling” instead?