Award Winning and All That Jazz

This morning I received an email from the Writing Program congratulating me as a finalist for the “Outstanding Instructor Award.”  This news, while humbling, motivates me to do what I can to earn that designation.  The letter invites me to submit a “Presentation Portfolio” that indicates why I deserve the award.  Having never assembled such a portfolio, I feel a bit intimidated.  I know I need to write a statement that  describes my “Teaching Philosophy” and assemble materials I’ve used in the classroom, as well as letters of endorsement from colleagues and former students.  Essentially, however, anyone who knows my story over the past 15 years will appreciate how honored I feel to even be considered for such an award, let alone be selected as  a finalist.  This opportunity rocks my world!

The truly amazing part involves the fact that I am leaving the program and even in light of that I’m being considered for such an  honor.  I had  personally felt a bit guilty about going, but I guess now I can put that feeling aside.  If I were to win this award, it would certainly be a great note to go out on.

But that’s enough about me.  S. called me this afternoon while I was attending the English Graduate Student Conference to, not only to congratulate me, but also to let me know she had arrived safely back at our Saigon apartment, after having spent much of the week in Hanoi.  As I think I’ve indicated before, it always comforts me to know she has arrived at any given destination.  I can then  breathe deeply and exhale in relief.

At any rate, I should probably wrap up this post and exhale all of my remaining energy this evening into portfolio creation.  Think how deeply I’ll be able to breathe if I actually win this award.

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