Shitty First (and final) Draft

I’ve been working all weekend on the portfolio I have to prepare for the Writing Program’s Outstanding Instructor Award.  It’s due Friday, so not a lot of time to gather materials or create documents that don’t yet exist.  I’ve done little but write for the past two days.  This leaves me lacking motivation to compose more this evening, but since  I didn’t post yesterday, it seems a shame to let another day go without updating this blog.  I just don’t know that I have anything memorable to share.  I feel sleepy and uninspired. 

It might be worth mentioning that my mother is due back in the US this evening.  In fact, her plane should have arrived in Lexington a couple of hours ago.  When I tried to call her a few minutes ago, she didn’t answer her home phone, so I expect she’s at Tyce and Alex’s for dinner, getting her first glimpse of Reeves in more than two months.  She’ll be pleased to see him!

In Asia S. leaves Saigon for Bangkok tomorrow–a trip she says she’s looking forward to–anxious to pin down the regional office about how long we will be in Vietnam.  At this point she seems to think we’ll be there well into the fall–perhaps, until we return to the US for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.  When we go back to Asia in January, it will probably be to resettle in  Bangkok.

Goodness–this post is far from inspired.  I guess I dedicated too much time and energy to composing portfolio pages this weekend–no energy left for further creativity.  I may be smart to stop while I’m ahead, that is, before the quality of writing degenerates any further, assuming, that is, that the prose could get any worse than this.  This is clearly what Anne Lamott would call a “Shitty First Draft”–in this case,  both a first and final draft of excremental quality.

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