Feeling Sorry for Self and So Much More

Yesterday I finally managed to submit my “presentation portfolio” to the Writing Program’s Award Committee.  I say “finally” because it’s been an enormous task to assemble the monster in only one week.  In the future, I think the program should let instructors know they’ve been nominated before finalists are selected, so potential recipients have more than 7 days to complete a task that, at least for me, was extremely time consuming during an already busy part of the semester  Having said all of this, however, I should mention, as well, that I’m proud of the document I produced.  Both my student letters specifically and presentation over-all seemed strong.  Now I can only sit back and wait.

In Asia S. is doing well–“irritated” with me becuase of confusion over frequent flier miles–but well, nonetheless.  She returned to Saigon from  Bangkok last night, having announced  the evening before that the area office wants to send her to Afghanistan–an idea that definitely doesn’t please me, not only because I won’t be able to go, but also because it’s  dangerous, especially for aid workers.  I’m also concerned in the here and now, because S. seems so horribly home sick.  In fact, she acts down right miserable and displaces that misery onto me.  She’s in one of those moods right now where I don’t think anything I would do could help.  I just wish she wouldn’t blame me.  I’m overwhelmed as it is with work, with going to school and tending  to the house and yard and animals on my own.

Today specifically I mowed the lawn.  Now that might for most be a chore requiring moderate effort.  However, for me it’s been a massive undertaking–first because I had to pick up all the poop in the yard and secondly because  I had to actually get to the mower, which was buried under piles of clay pots, tangles of garden hose, and mounds of furniture picked up last summer from the curb.  Finally, my most strenuous task involved stacking hundreds of bricks I had dug up several summers ago during a resurfacing of Limestone Street.  Then and only then could I begin my mowing.  However, I had to stop that prematurely, as I no longer had the upper body strength to start the mower.   I did manage to finish the section inside the back fence, so at least that portion of the yard looks decent–thank God!

At any rate, I face a long list of household chores this weekend–everything from bathing the dogs to laundry and dusting.  Sometimes keeping up with this house exhausts me, especially now that the arrival of spring has doubled the work, with the addition of outdoor to already daunting indoor tasks.  Probably, however, I should be grateful that I actually have time this weekend to do these things.  Next week I’ll be inundated with 10 page student essays to grade.

I suppose I’ll go ahead and post this, since I have not updated this blog in several days.  Sorry for the delay and sorry, as well, that this is so poorly written.  I feel dull and uninspired–all saggy in the center and wrinkled round the edges.

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