On Lawn Mowers and Waiting Well

My lawn mower refuses to function.    Trying to get the stubborn thing started yesterday blistered my hand in two places.  Now it looks like I’ll have to take the beast to a hardware store to be repaired.  My half mowed lawn frustrates my need for closure, as  I can’t tolerate  incomplete tasks and  feel very goal-oriented these days, wanting  to check chores off my list.  In my mind, the more tasks I can remove, the closer I am to Vietnam.

However, I won’t make it to Vietnam at all, if S. and I don’t unravel the tangle that is the visa application process.  It currently looks like I can only get a single entry tourist visa that is good for up to 30 days.  To enter the country multiple times I will have to be sponsored by an organization in Vietnam, in this case, probably S’s NGO.  I’m starting to stress about this, as I leave in less than a month–again I need closure–need to check the visa detail off my mental list and more importantly have the actual document in hand.

These visa details not withstanding, I’m becoming anxious to leave.  I want the semester to hurry and end, so I can begin this next chapter of my life.  I feel fairly impatient–hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait.  Goodness this delay is deadly.  I don’t wait well.

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