the dog who had my award for his dinner

I have amazing office-mates!  When I arrived at school this morning, a large bouquet of balloons and flowers were waiting on my desk.  Shortly after that these wonderful women began arriving with dozens of donuts from Spaldings and various sorts of surprises that made my day special.  It all culminated in the afternoon awards ceremony attended by my mother, sister, students, and John Shawcross, who chaired my graduate committee more than 20 years ago.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate a very special semester.

My last day of classes are a week from tomorrow and after that only 5 more days till I leave for Vietnam.  And so much to do between now and then that I have begun struggling with anxiety in the evenings this week, afraid I suppose that I won’t get it all finished  in time–or maybe less that I won’t get it done and more that I won’t get it done well.

At any rate, I’m extremely tired this evening and want nothing more than to sleep a good long while.  If I’m more well rested, I’ll be better equipped to meet the challenges of the coming week–tend to details of  leaving that only loom larger as days till departure become fewer and fewer. 

Maybe then I’ll be less inclined to kill the over-sized canine who just ate for dinner the certificate I received during today’s award ceremony.  He only ever eats things that matter or cost lots of money–cell phones, eye glasses, Birkenstocks, teaching awards.  God, give me patience.  Of course, I’d never hurt the poor guy, but I may hate him for several hours this evening–that is until he looks at me with those sad, angel eyes begging  forgiveness.

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