I miss my Baby!

Goodness, I don’t know how to find  time to blog.  Too much to do, too little time!  I leave for Vietnam in 9 days!  This getting ready to go stuff is exhausting.  Surely I will get the hang of it and feel less consumed the next time around.  Plus, when I return to Vietnam in July, I won’t be teaching, so I should be more singularly focused.

However, in addition to my frenzied preparation for Asia, I’m excited to have relocated my friend Jean from graduate school.  We had lost touch with one another close to twenty years ago, so to have reconnected after so long thrills me, especially since it feels like no time has elapsed in terms of our bond.  We have picked up where we left off, like only  a long weekend has elapsed.  I’m anxious for Jean to share with S. what I was like a couple of decades ago.  Gosh, back then I was only a kid.

At any rate, I don’t have time this evening to write much of anything beyond what I’ve already noted–except to mention that the weather has been amazingly warm and sunny.  Probably it will help to begin acclimating to warmer weather.  Apparently the heat in Vietnam feels fairly oppressive, but I imagine I will tolerate it better than I’m currently bearing my separation from S.  I miss her desperately–ache for her, in fact.

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