Bereft without my Baby

Sadly I’ve neglected this blog in the past week, as I’ve prepared to leave on the journey the blog itself describes–so much to do, so little time.  I leave for Vietnam the day after tomorrow,  can barely believe my departure is imminent.  The excitement is killing me–a cliched description, I know, but sometimes a cliche is a cliche for a reason.  It works.

What my metaphor may lack, the experience  more than makes up for–even the anticipation itself leaves me breathless.  Goodness, I hope Vietnam doesn’t disappoint.  Wouldn’t that be sad!  However, the quality of my Vietnamese immersion matters less than my reunion with S.  My longing for her suffocates, so much so that along with the anticipation, my breathlessness doubles.  My lungs  refuse to cooperate with my heart.  I’m nearing  coronary collapse–bereft without my Baby!

Practically speaking, I’ve spent recent days packing and grading–failing still to get my luggage  below the fifty pound limit.  I can’t sacrifice a single sock at this point.  Every item, each ounce is needed.  The airline may charge me for overage, but at least I’ll successfully submit my grades by tomorrow.  That final fact comforts me, despite the excess weight I’ll be lugging around the world–an Herculean effort, no doubt, but not nearly as draining as longing for the one I love.

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